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First of all, science makes no claims about God one way or another, so it is not the scientists who are for the most part claiming God does not exist on the grounds that there is a lack of evidence, but the scientific layman asserting it.

Science makes no specific claims about gods because there is absolutely zero quantifiable evidence that any exist. Science makes no claims about leprechauns for the same reason.

Second, science for all its great accomplishments is still in the infant stage, there is much about nature it simply does not know, even on this planet. So to conclude that a discipline, which has limitations here and now, somehow can conclude that something beyond its immediate ability to study is the final word, is logically speaking, a fallacy.

The vast majority of folks here do not assert that there are absolutely no gods, they simply say that the utter lack of evidence for gods indicates that they are unlikely to exist. It is at least as fallacious to conclude with certainty that a god exists just because science doesn't have all the answers yet.

I would add that any god that needs to kill children to make a point does not deserve to be worshipped. Clearly you disagree. If you want to equate anyone with Idi Amin, it should be the guy you're praying to.

What I am here to introduce is a God that did not show himself to Franklin in the same way he did to me.

God hasn't shown himself to you either, Wayne, but you sure as heck believe he did.

The proof I have is in twenty year old writings that I was spiritually guided to rediscover long after I had forgotten them that unknownst to me portended a future of spiritual punishments to a nation that reneged on first principles.

And here we are back at square one, your '89 Batman story, the very foundation of all your pronouncements here. Its clear that you simply won't give credence to any reasonable interpretation of it that doesn't support divine intervention, so let me try another approach. Does it seem odd to you that god would go to such lengths to protect your little girl from seeing a film containing content that you found questionable, but later did nothing to prevent her from becoming an alcoholic? I would guess you said more than a few prayers for help when she started down the road to substance abuse.

This is real.  It is realer than real, and if you haven't yet taken a look at my Obama is America's Idi Amin, then you don't know the half of it.  We're in big heap'em trouble.  The nation is going to HE double hockeysticks for gay marriage, and you all that keep parroting the liars about separation of Church and state are going to get the afterlife version of that judgment.

Why is it that you automatically interpret a dream about Idi Amin driving a Jeep on the road to your place of business as a sign that Obama will become America's dictator? That seems more than a little racist to me. Let's see, the most obvious thing Amin and Obama have in common is...

Now don't try to position yourself on Franklin's side here.  Deist or not, Franklin's assertions fully support the same divine hand that gave me premonitions, and those premonitions don't come from No God.

No, they actually come from No Gods For Me. She has amazing telepathic powers.

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