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Yes I do believe in God and when we die we will be awarded/punished for our deeds in this world and get endless life in heaven/hell

Welcome to the forum, fasi.

One question I have asked several theists here regards the notion of eternal life. Specifically, how deeply have you considered the ramifications of living for eternity? What exactly do you think you will be doing forever? For the sake of argument you may answer under the assumption that your final destination is heaven, although I would welcome your thoughts on eternal hell, as well.

And please, no throwaway stock xtian answers like "I'll be forever happy in the presence of god", but a well considered response in your own words. For example, how do you imagine day 2 in heaven will be different from day 2 million or day 2 billion, et al. ?

I hope you'll take the opportunity to be the first theist to actually respond to this, and I honestly look forward to your answer.
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