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I was asking "history wise" the difference between them relative to time.
OK Luk, I think I finally get it. You are not asserting anything, you are merely saying, "Hey guys, I have this notion that, much like math and gravity, love has always existed. Unfortunately, I just can't figure out any way whatsoever to demonstrate how this would be possible, so can you help me do that?"

So apparently you have asked a bunch of atheists to help you figure out a way to show them that god exists. It seems to me that such an endeavor has failure written all over it, but I suppose it never hurts to try.

So here is my response to the difference between love and math relative to time:

Time has existed since the Big Bang, and math, being an independent universal means of quantification, has existed just as long. Love, on the other hand, has only existed as long as there has been a mind suitably evolved for emotions. I cannot pinpoint exactly when the first such mind existed. Did dinosaurs experience even a rudimentary version of the feelings we call "love"? I suspect so, as many of them seem to have been herd or pack-type animals, but we can't know for sure. Regardless, it is safe to say that love's existence is merely a flash in the pan relative to time. I would assume this is, again, not the answer you were looking for.

what is the difference between Math and me?
Now, this one I think I can handle. With math, one generally gets specific answers that make perfect sense. With you, well...
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