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There is some truth to what Joe is saying, I wish he would have explained his point better, rather than leave it like that knowing the issue gets people emotionally charged up.

Being a historically oppressed minority group can lead to societal ills within the present day community populated by that group. 12 Monkeys can tell you about the impoverished state of many of Canada's First Nations reserves (if he can't, he should move to northern Ontario and get back to me). Criminality is higher, and victimazimation is higher because of the legacy left by centuries of historical oppression . A cycle like that is hard to break, and it's a factor that has to be considered along side present day prejudice.

Yes that was exactly what I was saying. I could have gone into detail, but I prefer to make bold statements that provoke emotional reactions and then watch how people respond. It's amusing, and it separates the wheat from the chaff.

I do believe black people commit crime at a higher rate than other races, but I do not believe this is simply because they're black. I believe there are many social, cultural, economic, and historical causes behind it.

I also believe that there is a vicious cycle at work here. Some black people commit crime which causes whites to become weary of blacks in general and treat them like criminals, denying black people jobs and opportunities which causes them to lash out at society and commit crime.
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