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There are millions of people alive today who lived through the Jim Crow era, either as victims of it or as the ones who enacted it.  The repercussions of that period are still reverberating today.

Please explain how any of that demonstrates that black people do not commit more crime than other races.

EDIT:  For that matter, the Rodney King beating, where four police officers severely beat a black man named Rodney King in the course of apprehending him, happened in 1991.  Barely 20 years ago.  He was tazed, struck dozens of times with police batons, and kicked several times as well, Joe.  And this didn't happen in any of the states where Jim Crow had been legal; it happened in California.  Most incidents of this nature are simply not noticed; the only reason this one caught the attention of the nation is that a nearby resident, a white man named George Holliday, was awakened by the police sirens and managed to videotape the incident.  Yet he had to release the videotape to the news media for it to get any attention; the LAPD ignored him when he contacted them about it.

Yes, Rodney King is a great example to prove your point. A black man, and a twice-convicted felon (framed by the police, surely, both times, even though he pleaded no contest to beating his wife) leads police on a high-speed chase through a residential area (framed) with a blood-alcohol level of .19 (framed). He then refuses a police order to exit his vehicle and resists arrest (framed).

And then, if I remember correctly, because the victim was a black man and America is so racist, nobody cared that King was beaten during his arrest, right? Wait, no, actually the arresting officers stood trial for use of exessive force, and were found not guilty by a jury.

Then, I guess it was all over. Or did something happen after that?

Oh, right the LA Riots. Black people reacted so badly to the jury's decision that they peacefully protested rioted, killing 53 people and injuring thousands more. A truly apt reminder of black people being unjustly labeled as criminals.

Are you still going to try to tell us that racism and its repercussions aren't a problem in the United States?
Still? I never made that claim, so I couldn't be still making it. Of course racism is a problem.

Are you still going to try to tell us that that the reason black people are arrested and imprisoned at a higher rate than other races is because they commit more crimes than other races?

That is clearly what the arrest data suggests.
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