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*Cue your prophesied role reversal.*

If you were in the gym and an attractive 15 year old walked in with her mother, would you think it’s okay to lure the girl away from her mother, seduce her into the tanning room, and have sex with her?

The problem with reversing the situation is that now it's a completely different situation. Women are taught to think of themselves as victims, and men as predators. Men are lauded for their sexual conquests, women are shamed. Pop culture is loaded with older women seducing young men and it's celebrated as a rite of passage. A slice of American Pie, anyone?

If it were my daughter, I wouldn't even want her to know she has a vagina into well into her twenties. If I saw my son going into the room with a hot 24 year old, I'd pretend I didn't see anything. I wouldn't go out of my way to put him in that situation, but if he found himself there and that's what he wanted to do, I wouldn't stop him. Is that a double standard? I don't think so. Men and women are different, so why should the same standards apply?
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