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No evidence for Jesus, how about the New Testament. It would not have been written if Jesus hadn't come...

By your logic, Harry Potter must be real too. A book itself is not evidence, I just explained that to you.

...not to mention how many believers in Jesus are there today, BILLIONS.

At most, two billion. Barely plural. But the number is not important. You are just exposing another flaw in your reasoning skills. Just because a large number of people believe something does not make it true.

By your logic, people who believe in Islam must be right too, after all there are just as many Muslims as Christians. There are millions of Mormons. They must be right too. There are millions of scientologists, they can't all be wrong can they? No, they must be right too.

At one point in history Zeus, Odin, Ra and thousands of other gods all had huge numbers of followers. I guess they were all right?

And the New Testament was not written long after Jesus' life but shortly after.

Most of the new testament was written 50-70 years after the supposed events took place. My question to you is why was nothing written about him during his lifetime? If he was really performing miracles left and right, raising people from the dead including himself, would this not cause some attention?

The reason nothing was written about him during his lifetime is that he never existed. He never performed any miracles so there was nothing for anyone to write about him.

And that Old Testament which contains many references to Jesus' coming are much older and proven to have been written before Jesus' coming. They speak of Jesus' coming and narrow it down to the EXACT YEAR.

You do realize that the bible has been re-written and re-translated hundreds of times right? Can you prove that the version of the old testament written before Christ's time has not been modified to include him?

If no one knew about him and he was so obscure then there would not be billions of Christians.
There were not billions of Christians during his lifetime. Not even millions. Not even thousands.

And no one made a statue of Jesus probably because Jesus would have condemned doing that, saying it would be idolatrous.

This is assuming that people actually cared what he wanted. If I saw a guy on the street claiming to be the son of God, I might take a photo of him whether or not he wanted me to. Sure people didn't have cameras back then, but you'd think a bona-fide dead-raising miracle worker would garner the attention of sculpters or painters who would preserve his likelness.

You are to worship the living God not a statue of God, which is not living.

Interesting, considering most Christians today worship a statue depicting the moment of his death in almost every church, or wear a symbol of the method of his execution around their necks.
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