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Not so well done.  The issue here is not the statistical ratio of male to female butchers or garbage"men" or sewer technicians.  The sexism in your comment arises from the condescension directed toward femininity, and the implicit assumption that masculinity is superior and hence, questioning Azdgari's masculinity and putting him with the womenfolk on the "sidelines"[1] represents a proper insult.
 1. I have no idea where you'd get the notion that Greta Christina, Paula Kirby, Rebecca Watson, et. al. are sitting on the sidelines not getting their frilly dresses dirty in the conflict between reason and theism.

I already dropped it, since the admin asked us to move on, however I must apologize for introducing the suggestion that women are not as dirty and violent as men in every conceivable way.  The very concept that men may somehow be different from women in a way that would be advantageous to them in certain situations was foreign to you until I forced it upon you, and it was absolutely necessary to dedicate at least a page of this thread to my admonishment. Obviously I was mistaken. Clearly none of you have ever called anyone a sissy, pussy, or bitch as a slight to their bravery or strength. You've never suggested that someone 'throws like a girl'. You've never used those words in your entire lives, nor have you ever heard them used in any kind of derogatory manner. It was my mistake to assume that you were familiar with the way people speak in the real world, next time I shall take greater care when addressing the honorable representatives from the Land of the High Horses.
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