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Quote from: Lucifer
Imagine this:
You are a theist. You and an atheist start talking. He finds out you're a theist and yells "Hey, your beliefs are fucking retarded, man! Seriously? We all came from a rib-woman and a dust-man? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Here, have some rational arguments against that."
How would you react?

I might think twice about discussing my beliefs in public.

Winner: Atheist

Quote from: Lucifer
Now imagine this:
You are a theist. You and an atheist start talking. He finds out you're a theist. You have a debate about the existence of god, he refutes your every argument with his superior knowledge of the Bible, logic and analogies.
How would you react?

I'm used to it, I've heard all this satanic babble from misguided non-believers before. I have created rationizations in my head for each and every one of your arguments, and when we finally reach a question I can't answer I will simply point out that it is not God's will for us to understand His divine plan.

Winner: Theist

The war will not be won in this generation. We cannot win a logical debate with them, as their definition of logic is a moving goalpost. Remember, they are insane.

The goal in mocking them is not necessarily to change their minds, which will be impossible for most of them, but to silence them and marginize them. Make them look like kooks so polititions will be less likely to pander to them, the more moderate among them will begin to disassociate themselves and stop going to church altogether, their numbers and coffers will dwindle, they will become desperate and in their desperation they will reveal their true nature. Self-implosion will follow soon after.
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