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It is my understanding that many scientists believe that life began deep inside our oceans, in pressure and atmosphere that we think impossible.

You may have heard about these deep sea thermal vents. They excrete massive amounts of minerals that can feed life. They expected these hot vents to be inhabitable. What they found is they were exploding with life.

Case in point are these giant tubeworms. Now in shallow water these worms are the size of our hands. Down there they are up to 8 feet long. Here is what they said about them according to extremescience.com:

These worms lack mouths, anuses, intestines and stomachs. Scientists were at a loss to explain how these tube-worms were getting nutrients to survive and grow. It turns out their insides are lined with bacteria that oxidize the H2S, turning it into usable nutrients for the worms.

So they are able to convert something that would not allow us to survive on. Hydrogen Sulfide I believe.

Basically the hypothesis I am comfortable with for now, and comfortable teaching my kids, is that it is possible that life started on Earth deep in the ocean by these thermal vents. It could have produced the right mixture of nutrients and heat to more or less cause a reaction. This could have caused non replicating material to replicate, creating a living organism.

Just keep in mind christian this is not impossible considering scientist in the past couple of years have created self replicating bacteria from non replicating DNA.
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