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^FYI a "LOADED PISTOL" is the only way anybody but an idiot would carry one. It's pretty clear you know nothing about firearms.   :police:
Did I suggest he should carry an unloaded pistol? Stop being an idiot and trying to deflect away from the actual issue here.
So Zimmerman was correct in carrying his pistol loaded.  :police:
No. Zimmerman shouldve ran his damn errands like he was supposed to. If he takes his pistol into Wal-Mart to get tampons fine.

But since you want to dwell on dumb things... lets see if youre smart as you want to appear to be.

Why shouldnt one carry an gun that isnt loaded?
An: The form of a used before words beginning with a vowel or with an unpronounced h. Now What was the question again?  :police:
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