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You probably also can't conceive that life has no intrinsic meaning or that electrons move randomly around their respective nucleus or that virtual particles appear (and later disappear) randomly and without any cause, yet all of those things (at least all of them except the last one; scientists are still working on that one) are true. Arguments from personal incredulity suck.
life having no meaning is something that I find hard to believe

All things can be explained.


That "argument" is the worst I've ever heard; even Pascal's Wager is a good argument compared to that one. We have words for a LOT of impossible things, but that doesn't mean any one of them exists.
Really, I enjoyed it. However you would not be the first to show criticism and you are in good company.

The universe is in motion

Not really.
and yea really , you know it , I know it , any one with a fifth grade education knows it . After reading some of the things you have written here, you simply saying " Not really" is kind of suprising to me .

and something caused that motion.


Trying to put all of the information that is available into the proper order is a pain staking thing to under take.

Not really.
 Maybe I do not have the quick thinking mind that you seem to have, so it does take me some time,

And filtering out the absurd also is time consuming.

I agree. Filtering out theism cost me years I could've spent learning about particle physics or dating. Either one of those would be time well spent.
 Yea I guess dating was fun, but from time to time , well let's just say some of them could have been better

Some new thoughts on the subject would be of great help.

We have offered thoughts that have been proven beyond reasonable doubt; you just can't accept them because they're "too complicated".
I do not put into affect the fact of the proof being to complicated as to it being true or not , it just seems to me that the statement" beyond reasonable doubt" get used alittle to often
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