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Why would you seek help from an atheist? First of all, it appalls me that these people would attempt to pull you away from your faith. Just because they don't have any faith doesn't mean  they have to try to drag you away form God. Secondly, they cannot be trusted.
Polls show that people don't trust atheists.

"Atheists are one of the most disliked groups in America. Only 45 percent of Americans say they would vote for a qualified atheist presidential candidate, and atheists are rated as the least desirable group for a potential son-in-law or daughter-in-law to belong to. Will Gervais at the University of British Columbia recently published a set of studies looking at why atheists are so disliked. His conclusion: It comes down to trust." http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=in-atheists-we-distrust

Please do not trust these people. They argue in ignorance, admittedly they have no evidence or proof to back up what they believe. And for that matter they cannot even figure out what they believe. Being a Christian is simple. You believe in the Risen Christ. You do not have to have all the answers like the atheists want to make you believe that you do. Remember, they don't have any answers.
Sorry ,, I don't sign on here very much,, However from time to time I like to check things out. You asked why I would seek help from an atheist. I didn't. The first time I came to this site I , like most Christians who come to this site, came to show the lost Atheist the error of their ways. Well you can now see how that worked out. However unlike many Christians ( or so called Christians) that visits this site. I came with an open mind. At first I found the people here rude and closed minded. Mostly because they would not believe the way I felt they should. I asked them questions that they answered. They ask me questions that I tried to answer, but most of my answers ended with "because the Bible says so". In other words, no answer at all. As for Atheist not being trusted or liked. I know many people that I like and after found out that they were Atheist. So, are you saying that I should not like someone because they are Atheist, or black , or are from a different country? Are you saying that I should not like someone because they are different than me, believe different than I do. That makes them a bad person?? You also said that they have no evidence or proof to back up what they believe. What evidence or proof do you have. Now please understand that something inside of me believes in a Creator. But blind faith in anything is foolish. After leaving this site I started trying to answer some of the questions that those bad Atheist asked me. What I found scared me, made me sad and pissed me off. The biggest problem I have is with the bible. Do you really believe the Bible word for word? I mean really?? All these people have done to me is to make me think. And someone that truly thinks is a danger to all religions. And they should be. Religion scares me. Because of religion this world is still at war. I am still searching for the Creator. But when and if I find a God I want the true God. And if I don't find him, How true can he be. Maybe it is time you start thinking. Are you believing in a god just because others are? Kinda like you don't trust or like Atheists because polls tell you not to. I guess my question to you is. Would you believe in God if the polls told you he was not real?
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