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Lance; for the love of God Almighty. Shut up already. Your repeated replies of unintelligent babble is to much for even me, and I am on your side. I am a Christian , I do believe in God. I know He is there, and I also know I can't prove it . so why do I believe. Well , if you were to ask the people here , they would tell you I am stupid blind, letting my fear of life lead me down a fairy tale path of make belief. What really pisses me off is I can't prove they are wrong. But what pisses me off more is the way you try to bring honor to God. I just know God is up there laughing his ass off at you. You are ill perpared to debate this subject with people that can pick apart anything that can not be proven with hard evidence.
I do not agree with them, However that is not the point , the point is , have the respect to know what you are talking about , and if you don't know, just say so.  Take the time to look and check what you are about to say. They will. You make Christians into just what they believe us to be. So stop being an ass. And as for calling Alzeal a loser, Dude he may be a lot of things. But, he comes off as having beliefs based on what he has evidence of and stands by them with thought out reasons. Even if I disagree with him, anyone who uses their mind and thinks for them selves , well , in my book that is not loser by any means. Dude just stop you are embarrassing yourself. I have done that here and if you truly believe in God you are doing yourself and God a disservice. Read the posts for awhile , learn how they talk, learn what they will and will not listen to. Look at the things that they believe, look at the things they don't believe. Think about why they belief what they believe. Believe it or not most of the things they have shown me makes one stop and think. So STOP AND THINK. Don't just bust in and believe that you are going to change the minds of people with off the wall unthought out bull. Some of them were Christians at one time, Believe me when I tell you that they more than likely have heard the B.S. before. And as far as I can see by what you have been posting here. They damn sure know the Bible better than you , or me for that matter. Learn from my mistake and think before you open you mouth. They love to play with people that have no ideal what is going on. So stop. OK?
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