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I retract nothing. I say what's on my mind. Don't like it, I don't care.
You likely have a filter for that mind when you deal with people in person. Unless you have Tourette's. I encourage you to use the same type of etiquette here.

I think you made that up...  As Nam said, xians today are convinced the world is the worst it has ever been... I mean, homosexuals can marry!
I was not speculating on how he could preserve them.  Besides, it only rained 40 days and nights.  It allegedly was 150 days from start of rain until the smelly crew hopped off the ark.  We still cannot find all that water, btw.

I don't doubt my cousin, barber, or a WWGHA member would do things differently.  I could care less if they made trees have leaves like I would, or if they had whale genitalia hanging from their branches.  However, I'd trust any of them to generally look out for the best interests of humanity and try to alleviate human suffering and show obvious kindness - not to be a murderous, hide and seek monster like YHWH.

Disagree... YHWH is a tyrant who supposedly gave his creation free will and then punishes the hell out of them for using it (see A and E).
I don't think I made it up. And I don't think Christians today are convinced the world is the worst it has ever been. In fact, I don't know a single Christian in my life who thinks that. Of course, I don't know all Christians. But that is definitely not the sense I get at church at all or in any of my other dealings with Christians. (Note that this is not the same thing as Christians thinking the world is worse than it was in the 1950s, for example.)

I apologize for putting words in your mouth on the issue of how God might have preserved the plants underwater. And I apologize for my error in the length of time they would have been underwater after the rain stopped falling (but it would have been just as easy for him to preserve them for 150 days as for 40 days if he can create the universe, after all, and he could have done anything with the water just as easily).

When it comes to looking out for the best interests of humanity, the whole Gospel is just that. Jesus paid the price for all mankind so that we can live forever in heaven simply by believing it. That's the big picture, and there could be nothing more important to humanity than that if it's true. You're focusing on this life and this planet. That's too short a time span.

On your last point, are you saying that the free will was not free at all? Or do you just not like what human beings have done with it?
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