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No matter what anyone says to me here or anywhere else, the experiences i've had can't be erased or removed from my being simply because someone else has an opposing opinion or experience or viewpoint or whatever. I realize now that you think you're freeing me from something.

my heart does feel very bad for people who suffer.  I'm not the most eloquent person i know and my writing doesn't really fully say what I mean.  i think salvation is something like a person (meaning everyone) having a million dollars sitting a bank account they don't use. Because they don't realize what they have, they are extremely limited to available resources that could be helping them. It's just an analogy, but hey at least i didn't use goats and farmers n stuff. kessler whiled all the way out on me so i knew i better not go there.

i understand grief, but at the same time as i write this and watch my Mother sleep, my heart feels good. She's being cared for for the first time in her life.  Her trust was so far gone that it was beneficial for her to lose her will so she could be loved by us. Until that, she couldn't. I see her smile so much now and I know she knows she's loved..and for the first time in her life. When I think that I had something to do with that, i understand more. but it's subjective and personal and i'm okay with that.

I'm here to see how others think and how they draw their conclusions about their lives and experiences. i'm here because i can be.

It seems to me that you're professing faith in your god and believing it exists purely because of your emotions and other attachments (despite extremely troubling facts of life that contradict it) and not with irrefutable evidence or anything else which rational humans usually demand.

That's fine.

But in the future, please refrain from claiming that the Theory of Evolution has holes when you have no evidence, claim that your god exists when you have no evidence, attempt to prove your god without evidence and so forth.

Without any sarcasm: i've been where you are and it's better here.

No you have not, and no it is not.

P.S.: Seriously, use the Test Area or attempt to if you're going to jumble up with the quotes.

I don't have to prove evolution is false doctrine. the facts or lack thereof speak for themselves.
I think were pretty much done her C. now it's just getting weird.  your arguements simply aren't compelling at least for me. bye
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