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alright, how does the dam quote by sentence or segment work? anybody? im losin it over here.

We have a quoting tutorial, but basically, if you want to break up someone's reply, you need to add the closing quote tag, and then add an opening quote tag for the next section, etc.:

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someone else's reply
thanks jetson.  it's a good thing im a bottle blond. I have to keep the expectations low.  ;D
your stuff

more of their reply

more of your reply

For f**k sake, quoting isn't that hard to do. OK, just find this icon at the top of the text box,and copy/paste what you want to say between the tags. Give the name of the person you are quoting also.

...and here's the tutorial for quoting:

im sorry emily. i just can't get it. it's kind of like the concept of christianity for an atheist i suppose. i'll keep trying. thanks.
You could always ask God to help you.

I did. he sent emily.
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