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What exactly is it that you think I need to learn? Like others here, you seem to be taking the position that I am a denier of the entire ToE. Where does that come from?

First, my question was just whether you were willing to change your position.  After posting here over time, my questions probably come across as more of a challenge than you like.  That's WWGHA.

Second, in your reference to snakes and lizards, and whichever way evolution changed species, you say -

This “story” (when examined carefully) claims that these alleged useless hind legs were present on this poor creature for anywhere from 4million to 22 million years !!!

Using the words "poor creature" and your quotation marks at the end of the sentence mean (to me) it seems you may be underestimating the time needed for evolution, that, like many creationists, you expect to see quick changes for evolution to make sense, or maybe more importantly for the idea of a creator to make sense.  Do you think god physically produced a lizard and a snake at one time during history?  I do not.

Here's a link with the top ten useless human body parts:

This may not be as impressive as a species with useless or semi useless legs, but does give evidence for evolution.
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