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In your response, you say:
No amount of begging God to heal someone will change the fact that God gave Christians the power, authority and responsibility to heal the sick. This includes amputees.

I disagree.  In 2000 years of Christianity, no Christians, no god, have healed amputees.
Actually, doctors (theists and non-theist) have healed the sick, or possibly sick people were healed just by all the possible coincidences (that is why the healing of amputees is asked for, to remove all doubt).

But, science WILL heal amputees.  Research, and hour upon hours of experimentation and progress, built upon all that medicine has learned, will allow humanity to build bones, skin, tissue - all necessary to heal an amputee.

People will praise a nonexistent god - while science, humanity, hard work, etc., will attempt to solve the next problem.
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