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        If there is a divine being, it may indeed be an exact, definable thing, that never changes.  It may never be approachable, and it may have indeed created everything in the universe.

   It may also be an undefinable changing thing that can be as approachable or unapproachable as it wants.  There are as many definitions for this thing as there are people.

   I don't care.  I am not so much interested in which human beings on the third planet in our solar system are right.  I am interested in stopping the horrible things the closed-minded religious do, being absolutely convinced their views are correct.  I am interested in having people think about things and realize their views may be mistaken, and to respect the views of others.  My agnostic atheist views may be wrong, I have no way to know for certain - but that's not what is important - what is important is how I treat the Muslims and Christians and Buddhists and witches and Sikhs and Jews and the atheists, and the flying spaghetti monster worshipers, etc.  What is important is how we all treat each other.  Historically a convinced belief in a deity gets in the way of that.  I wish it wasn't true.
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