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........... will be given the promised gift of the Holy Spirit - God dwelling in that persons heart and giving them strength to overcome situations and temptations that might otherwise have led to breaking the moral law. If there was some way of statistically analysing the actions of the person I just described, I think you would see a big difference in things such as incarceration, divorce rates, tax cheating, infidelity...hate mongering.

^ This is the sentence where we go separate ways.

- My religious mother falls into your holy spirit category here, fitting into what you may think of as "trying to be without sin."  But she will be the first to say she is no different than the bad ole divorced, incarcerated, whore mongering, tax cheating rapist murdering hell's angel that tells god to f**k himself.  She honestly believes she is no better.

I like that.  I like that realization of how equal we all are.  Doesn't mean I agree with her belief in god - does mean I respect those that fight to live a just life.  Atheist or theist.

   My mom also doesn't like this "Jesus Saves" stuff, as if we all ARE diseased.  She likes the idea of a Jesus-like conception that makes everyone realize we have absolutely nothing to fear ever, and no matter what we believe or do not believe, we all are fine, and need to sing and dance the way we want to, think the way we want to, all the while keeping in mind that this horribly used word "sin" that gets so twisted so often, is really telling us that trying to live the just life is also the way to live life in the easiest and most enjoyable way - but again, for me, no god needed or present.
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