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I made a statement earlier in this thread  (in bold, below)
   Remember, I am pro-choice.  Guys, I understand the view you have of the clump of cells.  But in my mind, the potential of those only human cells - not chicken, not fish, not plant, not fruit fly cells - are what sets the cells apart.  We all draw the line somewhere.  I guess under cross examination by the lawyer, my view would force me to admit to the jury that abortion at that stage is murder.  In that light I am more emotional than logical.  Your view allows you to not admit that abortion at that stage is murder.  But all these are our own views, our own decisions, the way it should be.

Adzgari rightly jumped me.

Now you are calling everyone who disagrees with you a liar.
Is that the emotional origin of your "you're a murderer, women" accusation?

I certainly did not intend to say everyone who disagrees with me is a liar, or every women a murderer.   After I read your accusations, Adzgari, I told myself to drop the thread and keep my mouth shut.  The abortion debate is never-ending.  Silly me, I'm not that smart.  With the debate about where we draw the line, I just need to say -  I, me, for myself, think it is at conception - not at the twinkle in an eye stage, sperm or egg stage, and not at 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester, or when the fetus is viable, or when the baby is born.  I've thought about it for a long time, where and why to draw the line for myself, and that is what I have decided.

That individual view should mean nothing to anyone else.  The issue of abortion  is too important to have someone else demand what happens.  We all know why we, as pro-choice advocates, get angry at the pro-lifers trying to legislate a women's right to choose.   Why should it then be correct to ask that I change where I draw the line?
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