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I get what you are saying, a3dtot.  Love is indeed an important aspect for the human species.  Let’s also remember the possible view that hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is.  Marriage teaches us that.  :) While love can be thought of as only an emotion, it can be argued that it causes us to want to stand in each other’s shoes.  I can understand an argument for love, broadly extended to all things, being perhaps the most important thing that there is.

However, love is not god - love is love, a god is a god, and there is no reason to change definitions to make a view of god that suits a broad purpose of your human views. 

I don’t quite understand why having this view needs to make life difficult and painful.  I find the realization of the ultimate importance of love, and the understanding that no god has ever existed at all, absolutely fine.  I also believe there are types of belief systems in our world that would allow these views and provide support as a “religion.”  I find that if a religion excludes anyone for any reason, it is to be avoided.  In fact it is my argument with most of Christianity.  Take Quakerism – I believe most views are acceptable there.  I would attend sometimes if I could get my wife to go too, although I’m lazy enough to use that as an excuse.   :) Also I believe the Universalist church would be as accepting of witches and Krishnas as atheists and Jews.  I believe some eastern religions may suit the purpose for one who has been labeled a heretic by their own religion.

Of course with as many belief systems as humans, we are all on our own!
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