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   You know, Mhaberling, I'm agnostic only because, to follow logic, and the small limits of my mind, how could I be otherwise?  But that said, through my experiences, what science is learning, and what I have learned from  rational thinkers like those here at WWGHA, it really does seem as if this deity thing is just a leftover idea from civilization that should be past.   I can put up with harmless theists or deists, but frankly, the pieces in place for how the universe works and how we as a species could have gotten to where we are, make it obvious there is not or ever was any god of any kind.

   It is our species collective inability to be objective that prevents us from getting past this.  The idea that we as a species need a purpose is probably what currently drives it - I mean, science has explained lightning, disease, etc. - theists may argue over details, but you must almost force your head to stay in the sand to think any type of god is responsible for anything .  The continuing evolution of the type of life that has evolves on our little planet may not seem enough, but it really is all the purpose we have.   We need to get past this "god" idea, and concentrate on what we as a species need to do to progress.  Unfortunately, you look at what is going on in the world, and the fervor with which people practice the religion of their parents - I mean, if an intelligent mind wants to investigate all the world's religions before choosing what seems logical - atheists win!  :)

   Another thing, and probably the most dangerous, that keeps religion in the picture is emotion. We can get all fired up over someone questioning the very core of what we were taught.  What audacity to question the very creator - these atheist people must be stopped!  They are evil!  They are exactly what jesus said would happen with the seeds spread on rock. 

   Anyway - stay with these arguments and your intelligence will begin to force you to think about the ideas you get at WWGHA.   We are not evil.  There really isn't evil.  There is bad, but not evil.  I hope the idea that 'your' god will be angry with you for trying to discover the truth will not stop you.  I believe that is a very sad reality for some theists that are afraid of their interpretation of a god that was never there.  What mind games we are taught to play.
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