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   So, CBIT, dzzer, or deserter, I guess. You should stay and argue your point if it is important enough.  Conclusion Before Investigative Thinking.   You know if you've read a lot of the forum before responding that many of us were Christians a long time before coming to the realization that there are no gods of any kind.  Oh it's "safe" to profess to be a deist, but overall, it becomes pretty clear that you have to really water down a definition of god to maybe be possible - like a positive charge or something .

   Do you not try to understand how much investigative thinking we've done?  Studied the old testament, read and reread the gospels, tried to make sense of the 4 horsemen, etc. in revelations.   I am an atheist who believes that a man that we now called Jesus may have lived about 2000 years ago, contrary to others here, and I accept that I may be wrong. I still think there are good lessons to be learned from something like the sermon on the mount.   And if I grew up in, say Syria, I would most likely believe Mohammed had many good answers, but investigative thinking again should have led me to understand that other's beliefs could also be valid.  We all just do not know.

   But with Muslims and Jews and Christians at each other's throats even now, when civilization should be moving on, this demands an end to the religious craziness that may doom us all.  Do you not see that?  With evangelical Christians absolutely convinced they must teach other cultures about Christianity, while extreme Muslims are absolutely convinced that Christianity and the west are wrong, and willing to kill because of it, with the added strife just between the Sunni and the Shia, and not much time since the Protestants and Catholics were willing to go to war in Great Britain over their interpretation of christianity - don't you see that all our interpretations of these things are not helping society?

   The world is getting much too small for the extremism that persists.  We have Muslim cultures that refuse to educate females at the same time we have countries with female leaders.  We have health care paving the way toward, say, cloning an extra kidney for someone, while people who believe abortion is so wrong that they will kill a doctor that continues to help a woman with no choice. We have educators learning how punishment can affect a child's brain for life at the same time in Pakistan a brave little girl fights for her life because she dared to question people's beliefs.   Do you not see these things?

   I really do not care if you believe in god, dzzer.  Just please be willing to accept that others do not believe as you do, and be OK with that, even welcoming the differences in cultures as a celebration of how life is lived on our little planet. 
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