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My question was : How do you know that DNA chemical bonds do produce amino acids.
Quit playing word games.  A base triplet from a DNA strand, also known as a codon, produces an amino acid when transcribed by RNA.  That means that DNA effectively produces amino acids, which then form proteins. 

I gave you the chance to find out and correct yourself, but it seems you did not even bother to google. Of course, what you wrote , is utter bollocks. What it forms, are peptide chains.

The production of amino acids is  extremely complex , and envolves many enzymatic catalytic pathways and processes inside the cell. I am studying it , but far from understanding the complex chemical processes , which are in the most part btw. irreducible complex. The enzymatic proteins, which produce the amino acids,  are themself made of amino acids........So if cell is not all assembled at once, no amino acids, no dna, no rna, no proteins, no life.

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