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sol·ip·sism? ?[sol-ip-siz-uhm]  Show IPA
1. Philosophy . the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.
2. extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one's feelings, desires, etc.; egoistic self-absorption.

You should get an A+ for using big words that have nothing to do with the conversation Curious. Bravo


What if human and chimp DNA was even 96% homologous? What would that mean? Would it mean that humans could have 'evolved' from a common ancestor with chimps? Not at all! The amount of information in the 3 billion base pairs in the DNA in every human cell has been estimated to be equivalent to that in 1,000 books of encyclopedia size [6]. If humans were 'only' 4% different this still amounts to 120 million base pairs, equivalent to approximately 12 million words, or 40 large books of information. This is surely an impossible barrier for mutations (random changes) to cross [7].

Does a high degree of similarity mean that two DNA sequences have the same meaning or function? No, not necessarily. Compare the following sentences:

There are many scientists today who question the evolutionary paradigm and its atheistic philosophical implications.

There are not many scientists today who question the evolutionary paradigm and its atheistic philosophical implications.

These sentences have 97% homology and yet have almost opposite meanings! There is a strong analogy here to the way in which large DNA sequences can be turned on or off by relatively small control sequences.

The DNA similarity data does NOT quite mean what the evolutionary popularizers claim!

Found it over at Christian net ....I will be glad to provide the link. We can play ping pong all day if you'd like. National Geographic? Nova, PBS, long standing Atheist slanted publications.

Your link is just another in a long line of "could be, might be, we think etc...sounds like a belief system...Proves nothing.

Alzael, wow...I've been promoted to twit. Cmon, you guys are cutting and pasting like me. What about the part that says, turned into one, from one....HE seems to always be in there somewhere doesn't HE.
Gnu Ordure: Id I were Alzael, i'd charge you for doing all your work for you.

Ambassador Pony. bm? best mate? best material? bravo man!!  I see you are efficient. A gentleman and a scholar!!

Aaron 123, Exactly. is there anything more than a strawman's version of that crap? Actual science books. are you serious? They are completely vague and have nothing to offer but Atheistic theories/religious views or beliefs about evolution. lets see class....something came from nothing. No really...it did...just close your eyes and try to imagine it...cmon. Scientists spend years and years looking at this stuff and that's what we get? hey, it's your dollar. At least we have the common courtesy to tell our kids the truth, that God created the universe. Not....we don't know. man sure has come a long way in your world view. Sorry, You apes  have come a long way.....

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