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No more or less unreasonable than understanding that you yourself were once an egg and a sperm.  And that egg and sperm, before they became you, were just lifeless strains of protein that formed a certain way.And that is how evolution works too.
No they weren't Jeff. The egg and sperm are made of living cells each containing 23 chromosomes which then unite to form a new living cell which has all 46. Evolution isn't even in the same ballpark as creation. Life only comes from other living things Jeff. Your theory is dead from the start. 

  Any species will be just like the species it came from, but will also be like the species it gave off.  But over a really REALLY long period of time, with small changes (just like how you've changed throughout your life) you will see enough changes to consider it a different species.
You consider it a different species, but science does not. Science actually proves evolution is impossible because we know genetic boundries from one life form to another cannot be crossed. Your theory is dead even after throwing in life free of charge. Jeff, look at what you're theory teaches and then look at the evidence. You're being lied to.

In terms of these pictures... a good analogy for what you are doing here would be asking for the specific day, hour, minute and second you went from being a young adult to an adult.  Can you do that?  The same goes for evolution.
Your good anaology is that evolution is just like me becoming older. You are so warped it's almost beyond belief.
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