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Boston Marathon Explosions Apparently at least two explosive devices were detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Many injured, probably at least 3 dead. At the risk of appearing insensitive, I am going to postulate two things: 1: This horrible act of terrorism was NOT perpetrated by an atheist, and 2: This WAS perpetrated by a religious person. It seems incredibly likely that I will be correct on both counts, yet atheists will still continue to be demonized by religious people.

I can only hope that the victims are taken to science based medical facilities so they can receive proper treatment, and I hope they have a speedy recovery. As for the dead, I hope that their families can manage to cope with such a senseless act of violence and cruelty. When are we, as a species, going to say "Enough is enough" when it comes to providing respect for people who blow other human beings up for their religion?

EDIT: I decided to make a few more predictions regarding this event. The right will blame this on Obama, and there will be at least one preacher and one GOP member who will say that this is God's punishment for Massachusetts allowing gay marriage. If I turn out to be right, I will officially be better at actually predicting things than Wayne "Edgar Cayce Nostradamus" Harropson.
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