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I saw this video a few years back, and just found it again today. It shows then Senator Obama making a pretty smart speech about the role of faith in government, and the problems associated with it. He also points out a few of the more barbaric and immoral things in the Bible, and why it does not make good national policy. I am not sure if we could conclude that the President is an atheist, but he really seems to say a lot of things an atheist might say. It really comes of as being critical of Christianity, or at the least skeptical about it's utility in areas of government. I voted for him, though I don't agree with all of his policies[1], I think that he is generally a very intelligent, rational, and humane man who is tolerant and cool headed. But this clip really does make me happy to have him as President. At least if he is a Christian, he is definitely of the most desirable kind.

So is the President a Christian, or a closet atheist? Maybe after his second term he will come out. What do you think?

 1. When does anyone ever agree with all of the policies of any President?
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