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Why do you waste so much time and effort to prove that God is imaginary?
I'd hardly consider opposing the greatest threat to human civilization as a waste of time. It is not possible to check the news without there being some sort of wickedness occurring because of religion. I will not say "in the name of religion",  because when a Good True Christian beats their child to death, that's what the Bible says to do. When the Westboro Baptist Church parades around with God hates fags signs, it's because the Bible says that homosexuals are an abomination and should be put to death. The examples of evil done because it's what the religion says to do are more than bountiful. Slavery was practiced for so long because the Bible gives instructions on how to properly own other people. Women have been considered second class citizens and the property of men, because that's what religious books say.

If He is, why does it bother you so much?
Because only with religion do normal people say and do terrible things with self righteousness. Dr. Neil Tyson did not say that the Sandy Hook shootings were punishment for astrology. He probably wouldn't even consider it a decent thing to do. But anyone with any sort of religious background can blame dead children on whatever they want, and we are expected to respect them because of their faith. Sorry, not gonna happen. When you all can learn to keep your faith in the closet like Jesus said to, we won't have to protest.

It seems that you are so intent to disprove a God that is so Almighty and powerful that you can't stand Him.
  You are right, I can't stand a God whose only solution, ever, to anything, is for people to suffer and die, and yet He still expects us to love him for it. Sounds pretty sick to me.

Poor idiot,
Hey now, didn't Jesus admonish you not to call people names? Typical hypo-Christian.

A Quixote battling windmills,
Or battling people willing to crash planes into buildings in return for 70 virgins.

an imaginary adversary!
Though imaginary, his followers are real, and all too happy to do any possible form of evil if they think He wants them to.

You are making a fool of yourself.
Tsk tsk, you are in danger of hellfire!

you'd better pray to God to save you,
Of course what is it I am being saved from? God's punishment for what demonstrably fictional people did thousands of years ago when He was outwitted by a talking snake.

but since You think He is imaginary, you are on the Wait list.
Seems that everyone else is too, since Jesus' followers have been "waiting" for him to return for almost two thousand years.

Waiting for His compassionate hand to touch your heart
Like the compassionate hand that allegedly destroyed every living thing on earth? No thanks, I'll pass.

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