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The "salvation" offered to us by Christ is in fact a dictatorship. Although what the OP seems to refer to is the reign of Christ on earth (there's so many competing theories about the end of the world/mankind in Christianity as to make one's head spin), what is described it still dictatorial. Sorry, but as someone who enjoy freedom and peace, I refuse to submit to an eternal Big Brother.

Motivated by the release of the Hobbit movie, I am re-reading Lord of the Rings. I am reminded of the story that Gloin tells at the Council of Elrond. He is discussing the events that have gone down in the dwarf kingdom of Erebor, and he recalls how one of the Ring wraiths offers King Dain 3 magical rings, and the kingdom of Moria forever, if only he gives them information about a hobbit named "Baggins". This is little different from Christianity, which offers eternal reward for service to an unrelenting being who will torture and destroy you if you do not cooperate, yet says that he wants your friendship. God is Sauron, and Jesus is his ring wraith.

EDIT: And their followers are orcs. Mindlessly obedient servants commanded to destroy everyone who is not down with the Boss's plan.
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