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It's really sad that things like this happen in America. Women can be fired for being hot, can be told what to do with their vaginas, legislation that would make equal pay for women overturned by rich white men, legislation that would protect women serving overseas from rape defeated by rich white men, but when a (EEEEKKK!)  liberal points out that there is a war on women, the right does a complete about face and says "I don't know what you are talking about, why are you making such a big issue out of this anyways? Why don't YOU focus on the REAL issues?" At which point I say that restricting or taking away people's freedom on the basis on their gender IS a real issue,and also point out that it would not be necessary for decent, thinking people to mobilize against this nonsense if the religious right did not attempt to impose its 2nd century worldview on the rest of us in the first place!

It's funny how the religious right insists that our moral foundation and our rights come from God, yet the United States Constitution and Bill of rights is conspicuously absent from the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention anything about free speech and the ability to criticize authority. Nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about the will of the people. And, sorry to disappoint brilliant religious right wing intellectuals like Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin, but Jesus did not have an AR-15.
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