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SHIN, I think you are being a bit unfair with us. I hope you can see what I mean once I explain.

WE do not assert that there is a hell. Therefore WE do not ACTUALLY believe that people are tortured forever. It seems that at least in regards to the latter you and the atheists agree, in a sense.

However, it can't possibly escape your notice that the overwhelming majority of people who identify as Christians DO believe that hell is in fact a place of eternal torture. It seems to be the prevailing belief in Christianity. You can't overlook this. It has been preached in churches for over a thousand years, and whether or not it is the One True Christian Truth, it is what most believers believe and churches teach. This belief has been used to terrorize an uncountable number of children and ignorant people, and is contemptible for that reason. Again, it seems that at least to some extent, we also agree on this. However, your basis of objection is solely "That's not true!". Our objection is that it is EVIL.

Now, you assure us that YOUR version of the Christian God is a kinder, gentler Jesus, who doesn't send you into a lake of fire forever, he just sends you there once, and your soul is roasted out of existence. See? What a nice guy! And the only thing that makes any difference is whether or not you accept Jesus to be your savior.

I honestly don't know how you think that this sick and twisted and evil alternative is a GOOD one. It could perhaps be argued that it is a BETTER one, kind of like the rapist who says " I won't rape you forever, just this once. Aren't I a nice guy?". I don't mean to offend any victims of sexual abuse, but merely mean to demonstrate the type of wickedness that SHIN is offering to us as "salvation". And SHIN doesn't even notice the inherent selfishness and callousness of the whole deal. By PRAISING the death of an innocent man, you can gain eternal life. I don't see how a God who deliberately invents such a sadistic and masochistic system in order to appease his own bruised ego can possibly be considered worthy of worship, let alone good or moral in any form. Can someone please explain to me how or when "Satan"  has done anything worse than this?

SHIN, I think you can realize that there is just no POINT in your arguing with us about hell at this point. Regardless of whether or not you or the billions of other Christians who disagree with you are right, the system you people offer us is disgusting, immoral, an insult to human dignity and is inhibiting the progress of our species, just as religious believe HAS ALWAYS DONE. It serves to motivate people to slaughter others like in Rwanda where Catholic leaders encouraged and in some cases even oversaw the massacres that occurred there. I know you are not a Catholic (Thank God, right? ;) ) , but your level of self righteous fervor is precisely the same. The afterlife alternative that you offer is still an evil one, and it is therefore on that basis that we reject it too.
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