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It is very often asserted by many Christians that the United States is, without question, undoubtedly a Christian country, because that's the way the Founding Fathers intended it. This is, of course, as far from reality as is humanly possible, for obvious historical and Constitutional reasons, not to mention the Treaty of Tripoli. We all already know this, but that's not my primary point in this regard.

No, my main point is that the Christian belief system itself is entirely at odds with everything that is traditionally be considered an American value. The rugged individualist is Satan. I don't want to have to answer to anyone thanks, I will look after myself and you can look after yourself. This is a common attitude among the religious right, yet is entirely at odds with the general values of Christians, such as community and charity.

Then you have the idea that you must unquestioningly accept an absolute authority, a supreme overlord, who is beyond reproach or appeal, who makes no concessions, no exceptions, is the judge, jury and executioner, has no checks whatsoever on their power, can watch what you do and judge you for what you think (thought crime), cannot be held accountable to anyone, can punish or reward you at will, demands absolute obedience, absolute servitude, absolute devotion, absolute love, absolute fear, and abject servitude. This is the anti-thesis of the basis of the formation of the United States. This is a description of Big Brother. The very core of Christianity does against everything the United States and it's Founding Fathers hoped to leave behind. To say that the US is a Christian nation is to understand neither the United States nor Christianity. In God's kingdom, there is no consensus or will of the people taken into consideration. As Hitch always said, heaven is a celestial North Korea. The complete opposite of America.
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