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This seems as good a thread as any for this...

A forwarded e-mail I got this evening. From someone who found it "beautiful and touching"

I really don't think anything could trivialize the sheer horror of this massacre more than all of these religious people saying and implying that although the children were killed, they are in a better place. I really think that is morally offensive. If people want to believe that themselves, because they refuse to cope with the sad reality of violence, and refuse to confront the problem of evil, fine, but they should do it in their closets, just like their savior said to do. If my son were murdered and someone Christian told me that at least he was in a better place, their pain would be legendary. The only thing more offensive I think would be to be told that your child was in hell.

I firmly believe that we, as a civilization, need to leave religion behind permanently. I don't mean some cleansing of religious people, just unplugging them from the Matrix, because that is what it feels like to be awakened from the ignorant stupor of religion. Once you see the system as the awful, cruel, exploitive parasite that it is, you realize that you can't allow your fellow humans to continue to be subject to this, and also can't allow them to destroy civilization. If only there were a pill to cure religion.
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