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I hope what I say here will contribute to a better image of my GOD.
Get your popcorn folks, this will be good.

Children are blameless before The LORD YHWH.
Does that include all of the children that God savagely murdered in the flood, Sodom, Gomorrah, etc?
All the little kids that have died since the foundation of the world went directly to Heaven.
not according to the Catholic Church, at least up until 2007, when Darth Ratzinger abolished it.
Babies & children(until a certain age) are "without sin".
So there is no "Original Sin"? You use quotes on the words "without sin", who are you quoting? Certainly not the Bible, because it doesn't say that. Could you just be making things up as you go along in order to ease your own emotional pain?
They thus do not have the penalty of death attached to them.
Again, where does it say this in the Bible? And, you made have noticed, that the children in this case are in fact DEAD so saying that "They thus do not have the penalty of death attached to them" is just ridiculous.
They have not broken(were unable to) any of the commandments, therefore do not have to taste death.
Do you even understand your own religion? It says that we taste death because of the sins of Adam and Eve. That's why Jesus had to be your human sacrifice, because somehow murdering an innocent person abolishes this evil. Because, you know, two wrongs DO make a right if it's God doing it. And as Azdgari says, you are basically suggesting that getting shot to death was the best deal these kids could ever have gotten. I think that the question is also begging to be asked, at what age does a child become capable of sin? These were third graders. My son is currently in third grade, and certainly has a sense of right and wrong, fair and unfair, just and unjust. TO suggest that third graders don't possess this is just silly. Certainly they have a ways to go in developing greater wisdom in such matters, we all do, but does that doesn't mean we don't know right from wrong.To suggest that their deaths were a positive thing because they get an EZPass into heaven is revolting, disgusting, atrocious, contemptible, reprehensible, abominable, ignorant, offensive, and repulsive, and you OUGHT TO BE WEEPING IN SHAME AND BEGGING FORGIVENESS FROM THE FAMILIES OF THESE VICTIMS. You can be proud of one thing though, in that you have perfectly demonstrated the fact that religion allows wickedness to take forms it would not otherwise be able to take. Christopher Hitchens used to frequently pose the following challenge: "Name a moral action done or moral statement made by a believer that could NOT also be made by an unbeliever. There are none. Now, think of a wicked statement or action that could only be attributable to a person's faith. You've already thought of one. You've already though of another one, and another, and another....."   You have demonstrated this principle as best as anyone could.

As far as a better image of your God, well, if you consider your God being spiteful, hateful, indifferent, sadistic, cruel, callous, and heartless is an improvement, go ahead. I sure don't.

Considering that you consider innocent children being robbed of their life by violent madmen to be a blessing, I'll pass, thanks.
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