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Oh, but the most powerful, wise, magically endowed dude in the universe can't be expected to actually do anything. Nothing that matters at any rate. I mean seriously, people pray for things like "Please God, let my son make it onto the varsity team".  If I were that son, I would personally be offended that my parents did not believe it was possible for me to make the team without the supreme ruler of the cosmos suspending the natural order.

But more with the original subject, where was God when those 20 children were murdered? Well, according to Christians, God was powerless to stop this heinous crime because he is not allowed in schools. This is utterly SICKENING. Nevermind that 7 people were shot to death at a Christian University in April. The suggestion that the magnificent superman in the sky can have his will negated by his unworthy creation is beyond pathetic. What kind of impotent God do they believe in? Oh wait, they believe in the God that had FORTY TWO children murdered by bears for making fun of some loser priest. Give me an effing break.

Honestly, I am so goddamn fed up with religion. A Christian friend invited me to a "discussion" group on Facebook run by Christians to try to engage with non-believers. IT. IS. PATHETIC. One minute they are Bible believing Christians, the next they are giving all of the reason that they don't believe in the more awful stuff in the Bible. Oh, it's just a metaphor, you have to understand the culture at the time, this was just some guys vision, this is just poetry, God only intended that stuff for Jewish people, slavery wasn't really slavery, God was just going along with the existing morality (that is to say, none) present among his chosen people, etc etc etc until you literally just want to throw up. And then the inevitable accusation that the atheist is the one cherry picking! It's important to note also that NO CHRISTIAN EVER brings up any of the aforementioned objections to John 3:16, or the account of Jesus' resurrection, or the possibility of eternal reward or punishment. No man, that shit is TOTALLY REAL, and they take it entirely literally. There was literally a formerly dead guy wandering Jerusalem, along with the accompanying zombie apocalypse where all of the graves opened up and their occupants went about the city. This same Christian who invited me to the group, when asked how NO ONE ELSE noticed the army of darkness wandering around, said that it was because the undead only visited those who were believers, and were secretive and stealthy so as not to arouse any suspicion from the Pharisees or Roman authorities. It is it this point that I begin to weep, not for the loss of someones soul, but for their loss of sentient function. Let's just make the story up as we go along, and then say that we are a Bible believing Christian. Have your cake, and eat it too. Hell, why not just go all of the way and crucify the fucking cake at this point? It would be just as rational.

Then, after one members posts a video from a sorry excuse for a philosophy professor about how absolute morality MUST come from God and CANNOT come from any of the natural explanations that rational people offer. Then when I make a point about how absolute morality can't come from God, because the morality suggested in the Bible changes with time, and indeed modern religious morality changes precisely because secularism has taught it how to behave, it is asserted that there is not an absolute morality, that while the OT is considered BY THEM to be obsolete, the Ten Commandments, which are said to be mere suggestions for good behavior, but are still cool, but the rest of that law stuff, well that was just the civil/governmental law, and God just went along with it because it was the best they could do. WHAT. THE. FUCK! Is there no end to their ability to hold mutually exclusive positions without shame?

Suppose two physicists are having a discussion.
Physicist 1:  It's amazing how the natural order organizes itself in such an intricate way. Yay physics!
Physicist 2: Indeed, but there's something I just don't get.
Physicist 1: What's that?
Physicist 2: I just don't get why we aren't all falling off of the earth right now.
Physicist 1: Is that supposed to be a bad joke?
Physicist 2: I'm serious! How do we stay stuck to the ground?
Physicist 1: You knew, Isaac Newton figured that out a few centuries ago. It's called gravity.
Physicist 2: Well, that was a few centuries ago, and times have changed. I don't believe in gravity , because it was largely influenced by Newton's culture, and anyways it's just a metaphor, we're not to take it literally that an objects ability to physically attract another object is related to its mass.

Now, at this point, Physicist 1 would rightfully question the reasoning faculties of his colleague, and at the very least, assert that he can't call himself a physicist if he doesn't believe in the most fundamental principles of physics. Any clear thinking person who is NOT a physicist or scientist of any sort would be within their rights to question whether Physicist 2 is really a physicist. The scientific method indeed encourages this type of criticism, and scientists are quick to call BS on one another. . However, if the same rationale is applied to Christianity,it's a totally valid argument! How can people not see that this really IS poisoning everything, most particularly the fertile minds of children who have to hear self righteous pricks saying that other children like them would still be alive if only for prayer in schools.

But, most pertinent of all I think, is that when God's OWN SON was condemned, tortured, and murdered, what did God do? Nothing. He just watched the spectacle unfold. Why should we expect more from God when it's other peoples children? In the case of God's son, it was His plan for Jesus to die anyways. God clearly has no problem with killing children. His best possible solution to the problem of human evil was to kill his own. Don't say it was a lack of prayer that led to the shooting. Given every possible opportunity, God demonstrates that he WANTS children to suffer and die.
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