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it is our place to feed people if they're starving i don't see many atheist out there handing out food to the poor. i wander why that is.  there are 100's of thousands of people being fed because of God's love. the good in the world I mentioned earlier. 
I couldn't let this go unaddressed. Atheists have to endure stuff lie this a lot, saying that atheists don't do much in the way of charity. And every time I hear this, I can't help but to say, ever heard of Bill Gates? You know, the richest guy ever? Or Warren Buffet, one of the next richest guys ever? Neither of them believe in God. Do you have ANY idea how much charitable work they fund? Do you realize that in India, where there are over a billion people, they have not had a single new case of polio in 2 years? Do you now why that is? Because Bill Gates has made it one of his life's goals to eradicate polio, from everywhere, forever. The guy is so rich that pretty much anything he wants to see happen he can make a reality. He's contributed over $1.5 billion just to this single cause, and it is making a huge difference. In fact, the Gates foundation is the largest transparent charitable organization in the world. It has been his full time job since 2000. You can go to the Gates foundation website and look up exactly where the money goes, and what it supports. It's not like giving money to a church, who then spends it paying off legal fees and judgements. It's not like missionaries that go to places that are war torn, impoverished, starvation filled places (which are often this way because of religion in the first place) and hand out food baskets with Bibles in it, and telling people that their suffering is God's gift, and that they should embrace Jesus. I think that is positively wicked, taking advantage of desperate and hopeless people by giving them a false sense of hope instead of actually doing anything to relieve the root causes of those problems.

So yeah, while religious people go around saying that condoms cause AIDS but hey! here's a fruit basket compliments of the LORD, a non religious person like Bill Gates dedicates his life to destroying a disease that cripples and kills children. He also has made it a mission to develop agriculture in impoverished, underdeveloped nations so that people get more bang for their buck. They will be taught to fish, or farm in this case, just like a certain Jewish hippie in some old book said we should do. Read about their agricultural program here, and tell me how religious people are doing better than non religious in terms of dealing with starvation. With of the money given by religious people that they think is going to charity, they are making NOTHING like the difference that programs like the one above make. The foundation also makes it a priority along with this to promote and ensure equal opportunities and rights for women, which is something no religion except Sikh has EVER stood for, and most still don't to this day, and they certainly don't seem to be doing much to promote women's rights, ever here in America. Nuns who support women's rights and social justice and actually making a difference have been ostracized by the elderly virgins who sit in the Vatican.

And the shining example of charity that religious people often turn to on their side is dear old Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa who took money from the Duvalier dictatorship in Haiti, money fleeced from the already starving and desperate Haitians, and used to build convents bearing her name to train a group of servile, ignorant, credulous nuns in the order bearing her name..... gee what a freaking humble individual! Telling dying children whom she refuses to take to a hospital even though she is a millionaire, that their pain and suffering is the good lord Jesus kissing them, and that their suffering helps to bring her closer to God. Can you BELIEVE this!?! When asked by an Assistant District Attorney to return the (again stolen) money she received from Charles Keating, she never even responded. Jesus, what a paragon of virtue and saintliness.

Please theists,  for the love of......bacon, stop telling us about how freaking great you think religious charity is, and how atheists don't do anything charitable, when just ONE unbeliever can make more of a difference than BILLIONS of theists.

I can't believe I forgot to point this out, but Mr. Gates does of all this without any promise of eternal reward for himself. Given that he is literally one of the most powerful people on earth with an unbelievable amount of disposal income, he could opt to do something really selfish, you know, like build a megachurch for himself and go on TV and ask credulous people to give him more money because his 95 foot yacht isn't big enough for all of his prostitutes, or build his own spaceship, or any number of pointless squandering things. But no, he decides to make a huge difference in the world, because making sure that less people are diseased, less people malnourished, less people living in poverty are all good things for their own sake and what we should try to do for our fellow human beings, and when you have like $60 billion, you can do an incredible amount of good. He doesn't expect nodding approval from Big Brother for doing so, nor hope for it, and his efforts are far more organized and efficient and effective than a rabble of orcs like Scientologists or Mormons handing out Books of Mormon and checking Thetan levels. And all without an expectation that the Big Cheese will reward them.
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