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I think that, if you mean you question as worded, that perhaps there is a misunderstanding. As an atheist, I contend that there is no evidence that God exists. Science didn't necessarily take it away.

Belief in God was used, in primitive times, when people limited in knowledge needed an explanation for things. They didn't have one, so they made one up and called it "god". Don't know why there is lightning? The gods are doing it. Don't know why there are earthquakes? The gods are responsible. At some point, people in some regions whittled it down to just one God.

Now that we have explanations for these kinds of things, the old explanation of "God did it" is no longer necessary. In fact, the old explanation didn't have any value at all, because it gave no actual insight as to how these phenomena occur. So, it is in that sense that I say science has not taken away any evidence of God.

If you are talking more generally about science disproving religion, it is a matter of the founding stories of faith, such as the Christian faith. We have quite solid evidence that the Genesis, Flood, and Exodus stories are entirely fictional. Even Israeli archaeologists have admitted this, and those stories are even more important to the Jewish community than the Christian community. There is also no evidence for the events in the New testament. particularly the miraculous events and the resurrection.

Science gives us explanations for things that work. Science helps us identify explanations that don't work, and refine things so that the explanation fits what we actually know. Whereas the Bible says exactly what it says and is not subject to correction (since it's believers assume it to be free of error to begin with). Yet the Bible says things that we just know aren't true like insects having 4 legs, or pi=3, and the earth is a circle. If the Bible was written or inspired by an all powerful, all knowing God, it wouldn't have gotten those (and other things) wrong.

The creation story described in the Bible gets absolutely nothing right as what we actually know about the formation of the universe and our solar system. Maybe the believer could say "Well couldn't God be responsible for the Big bang?" to which I would respond that if that were the case, he is a terrible author, since he totally describes everything wrong in his perfect and inerrant book, and further that since that book is the book being used to justify the belief in the existence of this God in the first place, that it is not valid evidence for a Big bang using God. If the Bible started out “In the beginning, God said “Let there be the Big Bang!” and there was the Big Bang.....”  it would be impressive, but it doesn't, and since it is supposed to be divinely revealed wisdom, is not subject to such a revision.
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