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I appreciate people's responses and discussion. Where were all these thoughtful and insightful people when i was young? curiousgirl, I was raised as a Catholic, and it was a truly miserable existence, feeling compelled to deny myself things because it was the will of god, having questions but only receiving contempt and not answers, and being immersed in a culture that believed in fairy tales. I guess in a way i was pretty far down the rabbit whole. Then once I turned 18 I started seriously questioning things and to rebel. By that time I was a eucharistic minister, but was (foolishly) turning to Satanism. I will always get joy out of knowing that I gave people the body and blood of Christ, while wearing under my shirt an upside cross and baphomet symbol. Anyways, obviously Satan brought no more enlightenment than his bright and shiny counterpart, and with the guidance of a few of my college professors, I was able to see the truth that I had known deep down all along. It was a truly liberating thing, and I wish more people could experience it.
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