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Atheists are scum. Ever seen any Atheist groups in your neighbourhood out doing good - feeding the hungry, fighting bigotry in your library, supporting each other? Nope.

you know, there have been very eloquent Atheist authors in the past. Do you see any Atheists honouring them? If you try and post some of their work on Atheist forums, it will most likely be censored, because it's "cut and paste." Never mind how well these insighful gifted people could express themselves, we don't want to propagate their drivel!
Atheists whine about the censorship off the religious, and then turn around and do the same against their own.
I really regret having fought a battle against my local library's total lack of Atheist books. I received ZERO support from "my fellow atheists".
I have seen the light. I will remain an Atheist, but from now on, my energy and resources will go to fight the evils of Atheism, and support the inclusive community of the religious.
Keep the dirty betraying Atheist scum out of the community.
There's nothing like being warned about "nested quotes" - God forbid you should dare include them to clarift context. And there's nothing like seeing your posts suddenly vanish - proof of God's miracles?
Thanks for your support, Judas bastards!
From this day onward, I fully support religion! Atheists are betraying back stabbing scum. Society needs to protect itself.
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