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It occurs to me that maybe amputees are in a state of existence that is not broken in any way and thus no healing is necessary.

I'm glad I read this.  This amazes me.  I believe that the OP is heartfelt in her thinking.  This is an excellent example of the social dangers of religious belief.  Many people do not see the danger in the God delusion.  They see it as a personal and private choice.  But in this type of frank statement we can see how religious people are splintered internally from rational thought on these topics.  When we can't rationally use our minds to consider an obviously horrible tragedy and treat it respectfully, then our minds are broken and ineffective.  Paul says in Romans that the unbeliever's mind is poisoned and broken, and yet here we see a clear example of real suffering being blatantly minimized in order to avoid reflection on their world view.
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