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You are saying child rape and murder is subjective...No ? this means (dependent on personal interpretation) unless you have another definition ? so what about the person who interprets this to be fine ? does it cease to be wrong and then become right according to the personal opinion of that person ?

it's not a side insult, i'm merely reporting what has been said.

It has not been said, as you suggest.  All that has been said is that human morals are subjective, and they always have been.  You picking one thing, such as child rape. does not change that fact.  Again, where is any evidence that there exists an objective set of morals?  Is it written down somewhere, and can you show that all humans agree on this set of objective morals?

This is futile, im really chasing the wind here.

All that's being requested of you is one piece of evidence to support your claims. Why do you fail to do so? Why do you have to resort to childish tantrums and attacks? Why do you only use assumption and fallacy?

You're just being asked to provide evidence in a discussion. It should be easy for you.

The bolded above shows he doesn't know what objective means. But whats the point really ? all you have to do is say "prove it" over and over again and people will eventually go away frustrated.

well.....job done.
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