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Thank you screwtape, and CuriousGirl for accepting to debate me.

My argument for the existence of God will not be based on the Cartesian model for proof (beyond a shadow of a doubt) rather it will be an inference to the best explanation, based on the argument given from the morale argument.

Before i go on the debate is set up for me to put forth a positive claim for the existence of the God of the Bible so i have to make one thing clear before i go on, that my faith in the bible as the Word of God is my first principle, my axion as the basis for theology and life and as such my axiom cannot be proved as your axiom or first principle for though cannot be proved either but they must be defended and able to stand up to scrutiny. I say this because all the arguments i will give will not lead to the God of the Bible, they will if accepted show there is a transcendent being but the Bible has to be taken by faith (without faith it is impossible to please God) but this faith is not without reason. so here goes with my reasons;

The Moral Argument

1.) If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist.

2.) Objective moral values & duties do exist.

3.) Therefore, God exists.

Now as stated before this is not deductive proof that lead to the God of the Bible, it is a inference to the best explanation why Objective moral values exist, and the God of the Bible is the Best explanation for this as i see it, as without Him there is no grounding for objective moral values. I have chosen this topic as it will no doubt lead to the most challenging case against Christianity (The problem of Evil) so i'm not trying to duck anything here. I'm willing to address any problem you wish to raise.

If you dont mind i would like you to also state your axioms so i know where you are at, so we can zero in quickly to the real issues and not waste time.

Thank you ! i appreciate your time talking to me btw this seems kinda cold and methodical so i hope you know i appreciate your time and hope we can be friends.
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