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Religion is an indoctrination of how to handle emotion. We're not going to reason very many people out of religion, because they didn't reason their way in. Believing in bedtime stories at 5 years old because you love your mother is not a reasoned decision. It seems justified, especially at that age, but it's not reason.

Having a powerful emotional experience with one's own subconscious mind is overwhelming. Philosophers spend their whole lives sometimes to achieve this without the artifacts of "faith". Some eastern religions/philosophies encourage the use of avatars to convey one to the depths of one's own mind, at least for a while, to protect the self-image that we rely upon so heavily in order to maintain continuity. Can you imagine the full weight of self-realisation coming upon a person without a firm grasp of who they are, and where they might fit into the cosmic scheme?

Religion is a simplification. I'm not defending it, I'm just acknowledging that most people are not going to break down their self-constructed images of what their life is all about- mostly because they can't. Gods and images change and evolve along with one's self-image. You'll never pin it down, people will squirm around as if their very life depends on it. In many respects, it does.
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