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Let me be clear. The Holy Ghost speaks truth which can be verified. He will predict events, help you make generalization which you later recognize to be true and lead you places that directly answer your prayers.

You say that as if it were a fact.  But it is not.  It is a claim.  If it could be verified it would be statistically distinguishable from random guessing.  Unless you have data that shows that, you are talking out your ass.

For skeptics, you sure buy into a lot of dogma. Only non-scientists could really have such faith in an uncontrolled statistical experiment. You'll have to give me more details on what kind of experiment could reasonably be expected to substantiate the existence of God. I think it's clear to most rational people that the experiments suggested on this site are pathetic science.


You completely dodged the point about the Laffertys.  You completely dodged the point about appealing to secular morality.  You may want to sack up and try some intellectual honesty.

What, exactly, is your point about the Laffertys? I'm having trouble seeing how someone's misinterpretation of their own desires as the inspiration of the Spirit invalidates the real and verifiable experiences I or others have had with the Holy Spirit. Once again, someone once claimed they saw laboratory cold fusion. Just because they were wrong doesn't invalidate physics.

And, to be clear, I'm not asking you to believe in God because I say He exists. I'm inviting you to seek your own witness. If you don't think the existence of God is an important thing to investigate, that's OK. Just keep this advice in mind in case you ever do want to know.

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