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Thanks for joining, fishjie. So that's maybe a thousand mega-miracles in 6000 years of history. The Bible is a record of the exceptional.

Miracles have not ceased, but they were never a daily occurance.

But wait...  you said earlier....
"I disagree strongly that any action of God would be detectable in some statistic."

But as I pointed out before, the actions of God were clearly statistically significant.     Jesus could walk on water.   That's a pretty statistically obvious miracle of God.

Is Jesus had walked on water, how which statistic observable by you would be different?


So I ask you, if miracles have not ceased, where are they?    Jesus clearly stipulated his followers would go on to perform even greater miracles.   He even said people could be bitten by poisonous snakes and be fine.     Again, statistically significant miracles.    I don't see any evidence of this though.

Again, if great healings were taking place at a rate similar to that recorded in the Bible. How would you know about it? It's very rarely God's plan to provide clear evidence before one has developed faith. In the Book of Mormon, the prophet Moroni wrote "You receive no witness until after the trial of your faith." Here's  a good link on that topic. http://www.whatdomormonsbelieve.com/2008/04/ye-receive-no-witness-until/

Exercise a little faith in studying the scriptures, following the commandments therein and praying to know whether God exists. That is the path to faith. No one else can compel you to believe.
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