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who is to say that the message sent seconds ago were not inspired by our will.

To the best of my knowledge, the facts do not support this hypothesis. If you do have information to the contrary, I'm happy to learn of it.

  It may appear to be possible to record every chemical/organic event going on in our minds, and as such it should be possible to predict everything someone is going to do, shouldn't it?
I am sure however that would not prove true would it, they would find there were happenings they couldn't account for, and it is those happenings that are guided by our will.

This idea is known as "Laplace's demon". It's a fascinating idea to toss around, don't you think?

Your a bit of an arrogant s**t aren't you. There is no cognitive dissonance here, I am not conflicted in my opinions it is because I have a myriad of options open to me that I could never be conflicted in this matter.

That wasn't a personal jab, it was a comment about how intellectual thought proceeds when two incompatible beliefs are held simultaneously and new information is provided. You think this way, I think this way, we all think this way.

As I said in post# 32 "I agree we live in a derministic universe. And as such our life’s are ruled by it. But I'm sorry it has only some effect on the choices we make." If I have no will to chose then according to you, I am the way I am and hold the views I express, because it is part of my genetic makeup, You are the way you are for the same reasons, you used the word choice. Where is the choice? The fact that our opinion differ means we are not all running on simply our genetic make up, to say we have no will whatsoever is ludicrous to me. It would mean I didn't chose my wife, I didn't chose by home. It would renders it all meaningless. How infantile!
A person could kill with impunity as it would not be their fault, there would be no point in rehabilitating them either, as they are not incontrol of their lives so could happily do it all again and it still would not be their fault. That is nonsensical.

Yes I agree. The way in which you describe this is nonsensical.

I like Vanilla Ice Cream - but I did not start liking it because I wanted to. I don't even know when I started liking it. But I enjoy eating it.

Your brain made that determination quite without your input. That's how it all works, albeit in very minute ways.

I did not telling him that, it is what he was suggesting.

Her.  ;)

I'm not an automaton, I'm not simply an animal, I am sapient.

You are both an sapient, and an animal. Nothing simple about any animal. All fascinating and fantastic and fabulous.
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