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I can't follow your logic here, so I apologize if you were expecting a response here.

I was just commenting that I have used rational thinking on this problem and the only logical conclusion is that "sin" is an outdated, inaccurate theory to explain human behavior. In the same way we no longer attribute seizures to demonic attack, we no longer attribute socially inappropriate behavior to "sin." It's a matter of knowledge. Your God of the Gaps is getting smaller.

If there is no realm of "sin" then why bother to try to understand human behavior? It would neither be good nor bad, it would just be.

There would be all the same reasons to understand human behavior! Conflict resolution that is mutually respectful contributes to the peace and advancement of society.  Understanding what compels people to behave in socially inappropriate ways, allows us to work on finding a way to address these compulsions before people are hurt. Resources can be reallocated from catching criminals to avoiding crimes by identifying and addressing potential problems before they are actual problems.  Lastly, it's more compassionate to help someone avoid pain and suffering than it is to comfort them after.
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